Greenville National Bank

Start protecting your business today with Positive Pay.

*For a limited time only.  GNB reserves the right to discontinue this offer at any time. 

Locally Owned

Greenville National Bank continues to strive to keep security a priority for our bank and your finances. That's why we made the move to a new, more secure domain at Along with the move, we now use a new trade name, GNB Banking Centers to allow us to reflect our recent and continued growth. 

Please visit the FAQ for more information on the .BANK move and the new trade name.

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Vehicle Loans

Go where life takes you with your new or used car. 
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More Rewards Checking

  Earn more cash back or more interest.    
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Deposit ATMs

Deposit your check without walking into a branch.
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Transfer your accounts to GNB without the hassle with our Switch kit.