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Other Services

Lockbox Services

Centralize & Streamline Mailed Payments
Save time and increase cash flow by outsourcing the processing of mailed payments to GNB.  Our Lockbox Services solution automates the receipt, processing and deposit of checks sent via regular mail, saving time and reducing error and risk.

Features & Benefits
  • Same day check processing and deposit
  • Accept standard and legal format checks
  • Faster processing for improved cash flow
  • Reduced risk of theft and fraud
  • Decreased potential for manual error

Safe Deposit Box

  • Safe Deposit Boxes are a convenient place to store valuable possessions and legal documents that would be difficult or impossible to replace. The safe deposit box also offers privacy and security. Contents not insured.
  • Safe Deposit Boxes are available at our following banking centers: Main, Bradford, Northtown, Ansonia, Arcanum, Chestnut, Gettysburg, Losantville, Troy, and Versailles. Visit one of these locations for fees, sizes, and availability.

Payroll Services

Businesses looking for Direct Deposit and don’t know where to turn?
Using your payroll program, let GNB process your payroll for you! 

  • Time and Costs Savings – You’ll save time and costs associated with account and check reconciliation.  Reduces time to process payroll and eliminates lost or stolen check costs.
  • Convenient and Efficient Processing – You submit payment data to GNB two days before settlement date.  Your account at GNB will be debited for the total amount of the disbursement on the settlement date.
  • Improve Cash Flow Forecasting – You’ll know in advance when each disbursement will be made from your account.  This may help minimize borrowing and may take advantage of other discounts.

Wire Transfer Services

Does your business need to move funds domestically or internationally? Did you know GNB can help you move your funds in a timely manner?
  • Transfers can be wired on an agreed time
  • Transfers can be initiated by telephone or visiting any of our banking centers
  • Wire Transfer Fees
    • Fee to receive a wire is $10
    • Fee to send Domestic Wire is $25
    • Fee to send International Wire is $50

Business Visa Debit Cards

Quicker and easier than writing a check!
  • Use it wherever Visa is accepted
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Access to your accounts 24-hours a day through any ATM linked to the STAR or Plus National Networks
  • No fee for using GNB ATMs
  • Allows daily ATM cash withdrawals up to $500 per cardholder
  • Allows for point of sale purchases up to $3,000 per day
No more waiting for your pin to come in the mail! Once you receive your card, you can activate it on the GNB Banking Centers app to instantly begin using your card online or at a point of sale by selecting Credit on the card reader. In order to withdrawal money from an ATM, you must first have your pin number. 
To report lost or stolen debit card, call (888) 297.3416

Deposit Image ATMs

No Envelopes! No Deposit Slips!

Making an ATM deposit is fast and easy
  1. Insert cash and/or checks directly into GNB's Deposit Image ATM - no need for envelope or deposit slip
  2. Verify the images of your checks and total cash deposited on the ATM screen before completing your transaction
  3. Your receipt shows images of your checks (if you choose to print image) and a detailed list of all items deposited
Checks deposited at a GNB Deposit Image ATM are accepted until 4:00 pm for same day credit

Deposit Image ATM Locations: 
Town Type Address
Ansonia Drive-up/Walk-up 100 S. Main St.
Arcanum Drive-up/Walk-up 2860 Alt. 49 N.
Bradford Drive-up/Walk-up 11929 US Rt. 36 W.
Greenville Drive-up/Walk-up 133 W. Fourth St.
Greenville Drive-up/Walk-up 480 Wagner Ave.
Troy Drive-up/Walk-up 846 W. Main St.
Versailles Drive-up/Walk-up 16 Marker Rd.
To view a map of our branch locations or get driving directions, visit our locations page.

Telephone Banking

Whether you are balancing your checkbook at 6 a.m. or wrestling your budget at midnight, don’t worry about getting to the bank. 
With our 24-hour automated telephone system you can
  • Get Account Balances
  • Review Transactions
  • Transfer Money
  • Make Loan Payments
Call (888) 548.6540 or (937) 548.6540

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