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Identity Theft

Let GNB help protect your identity with ID TheftSmart!


What is identity theft?

Identity theft is a crime that occurs when someone takes pieces of your personal identity as uses it as their own. Thieves can use information such as your Social Security Number, credit or debit card numbers, address, etc.


What happens when your personal information is stolen?

After your information is stolen, thieves can open new credit accounts, make electronic transfers, purchase goods and services, commit criminal acts, obtain employment, rent a home or apartment, initiate utility services, obtain medical treatment on your health insurance, and more, all in your good name.

When your identity is stolen, it can cause your credit score to drop, you can be denied credit or offered a higher interest rate than you deserve, you may be denied employment, or you could be billed for products or services you didn't order. 


But this doesn't happen often… right?

According to the Federal Trade Commission, as many as 13 million Americans have their identities stolen each year. Of the three million fraud complaints made to the FTC in 2018, consumers reported losing over $1.48 billion.

This isn't just a problem for adults either. Over one million reports of child identity fraud were made in 2018. Many more cases will go unnoticed until the child reaches adulthood and attempts to obtain a driver's license, credit card, student loan, etc.


How can I prevent this from happening?

Good practices to follow to avoid becoming a victim of identity theft are to change passwords regularly, check your bank and credit accounts frequently, and refrain from sharing personal information with others or on social media.

The most beneficial step you can take in avoiding identity theft and its consequences is to invest in an identity theft protection service. We hope that you will never need to use these services, but you won't want to be caught without it if your identity is compromised.

In order to protect you and your family from this increasingly common misfortune, GNB now offers an identity theft protection service called ID TheftSmart. Continue reading below to learn more about the packages we have to offer.



ID TheftSmart Packages


GNB can offer you the following combinations of identity theft protection:

  1. Consultation/Restoration with Single Bureau Credit Monitoring, and idINTEGRITY Scan
  2. Consultation/Restoration with Three Bureau Credit Monitoring, and idINTEGRITY Scan
  3. Consultation/Restoration with Single Bureau Credit Monitoring, idINTEGRITY Scan, and Minor Monitoring
  4. Consultation/Restoration with Three Bureau Credit Monitoring, idINTEGRITY Scan, and Minor Monitoring



Identity theft protection with ID TheftSmart entitles you to a licensed private investigator that offers a full range of restorative services. Rather than simply advising you on what to do after your identity is stolen, your private investigator will thoroughly review your situation, do all the work for you, and handle the related expenses. They will contact your banks and credit card companies, issue fraud alerts, and other required steps in restoring your identity. They also are available to answer any questions you may have, regardless of if you become a victim of identity theft.


Credit Monitoring

This service will monitor your account for changes in your credit including new accounts, credit inquiries, late payments, changes of address, public records, and more. This will allow you to identify inaccuracies in your data and quickly detect potentially fraudulent activity. You also will have access to trained credit specialists to answer any questions you may have about your monitoring report. The credit specialists will act on your behalf to submit disputes for you.



The idINTEGRITY Scan reviews billions of records for suspicious activity on Internet directories, hacker chat rooms, and public and private databases. Identity fraud is detected within minutes and notification is sent to you immediately, giving you the chance to stop it in its tracks, before your identity is compromised. Licensed investigators are available to guide you with the appropriate next steps. 


Minor Monitoring

Enroll up to 4 four children under the age of 18 per parent/guardian. The child's Social Security Number will be monitored for any credit activity or changes such as names, aliases, and addresses. When changes are detected, the parent/guardian will be notified and a licensed private investigator will be available to review the situation and offer full restoration services. The parent/ guardian must also be enrolled with the Credit Monitoring, as the Minor Monitoring program will be accessed through their online account.


For more information on ID TheftSmart, please call us at (937) 548.1114 or stop in any of our branches. Our Customer Service Representatives would be glad to answer any of your questions.

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